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Ohio Amateur Bodybuilding Championships

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Hosted by Joshua Trentine, IFBB Chairman

This is the first time that the IFBB has an official Championship Event in Ohio!  The IFBB has been around since the 1940’s and is a 197 country contingency.  The USA is the latest country to join.  196 countries have been having international competitions for decades.  The IFBB is the fourth biggest sporting event in the world.  Winner of the Ohio Classic Body Building Championships will win a cup, first place winner will receive a sword and the top female and male winners will be flied internationally to Europe in an all expense paid trip to an IFBB international event.

The Ohio Classic Bodybuilding Championships takes place on 10/19/2019 at the John Carroll University – Green Road Annex.  For more information visit the official O.C.B.C. site below.

O.C.B.C.:  https://ohioclassicchampionships.com

Sponsored by:  https://overloadfitness.com

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