RenEx Equipment

State-of-the-art RenEx Equipment is engineered specifically for the performance of the RenEx protocol.  No other equipment is ideal for the RenEx  protocol—the absolute best approach to exercise. Many studios avoid using the RenEx protocol merely because they cannot obtain the RenEx equipment.

Game Changer: Introducing the Trunk Extension Machine

At RenEx, we maintain an unwavering dedication to engineering excellence and outstanding design. We adhere to the highest standards of developing exercise and rehabilitative equipment, and our hand-built machines exemplify the purest spirit of forward-thinking innovation.

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Paragon of the Species: Introducing the Leg Press

We are proud to represent a philosophy and protocol that can help so many people reach their health and fitness goals safely and efficiently.

And with the new RenEx Equipment line by RenEx Equipment, Ltd. we are finally able to offer all three of the essential components required to experience RenEx:


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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication: Introducing the Overhead Press

Leonardo DaVinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

This may be particularly true when it comes to exercise machines.

Needlessly complex designs may amaze and intrigue but they can also thwart the machine’s original purpose.

Elegant design, especially in chemistry, denotes a process whereby the end is achieved in the most straightforward, efficient path, without unnecessary steps and subprocesses.

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The Upper Body Architect: Introducing the Pull Down

Here at RenEx, our values and philosophy flow through everything we do to ensure that we remain true to our principles.

Through our partnership we have tried to set our very own high demands.

Whether we are expanding protocol theories or solving complex engineering challenges, we always actively seek to expand boundaries and are committed to continual improvement.

The essential element of our philosophy originated years ago when Ken Hutchins  said, In the beginning, I couldnt find machines that truly satisfied the necessary requirements appropriate to perform the protocol so I decided to build them myself.

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Form Follows Function: Introducing the Ventral Torso

From the beginning, innovation and progress have been at the heart of the RenEx ethic.

In practice, this means a never-ending pursuit to discover better ways to exercise.

Evolving standards for instruction, improved methods for performance and groundbreaking technologies for our equipment are all part of a network of practical strategies to create more efficient and effective systems to experience the RenEx protocol.

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The Time for Compromise is Over!: Introducing the Compound Row

Over a decade ago, in his pivotal book Ultimate Exercise Bulletin #1, Doug McGuff M.D. made a request:

Ken Hutchins makes two incredibly sophisticated Linear Spine machines. My plea to Ken is to someday make a line of compound-movement machines (Compound Row, Chest Press,  Pulldown, Overhead Press and Leg Press) with all of the sophistication of the Linear Spine machines. All of these would incorporate positioning adjustments with threaded hand crank bearing assembly and digital readout, all movements on a linear bearing assembly, and low friction components throughout. I believe a line of generic routine machines is at least as important to the field as spinal machines. If you can’t mass produce them, at least make them for the select facilities who could afford to pay for their production. But put me first on the waiting list”

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Scapular Solution:
Introducing the RenEx Simple Row Machine

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RenEx sRow



Imagine the ultimate strength training experience…the feeling of lifting “heavy air” rep after rep, set after set, regardless of how much or how little resistance is selected.

RenEx Equipment Ltd. presents the first exercise machines in the world that blend a near frictionless top plate with a pin-indexed, zero-contact, tunable weight stack that floats on air.

RenEx Tuner

The patented UltraGlide™ top plate system is the product of a collaborative effort by the associates of Renaissance Exercise to minimize operational friction in weight stack movement.

RenEx Top Plate

Each UltraGlide™ top plate houses quad linear bearings inside extra long twin chimneys.

The entire system moves along robust, one-inch, Class L rails with a level of smoothness, rigidity, and precision unlike anything else in the industry.

Alone, the UltraGlide™ top plate system is a potent weapon against friction in resistance delivery but RenEx Equipment doesn’t stop there.Enter, the Freedom Stack™.

RenEx Weight Stack

From the creative genius of Ken Hutchins comes a revolutionary new design and technology that solves the eternal problem of weight plate friction.

The Freedom Stack™ features indexed pin registry on each plate, zero guide rail contact, and the very first auto-centering tuner for consistent guide system alignment.

UltraGlide™ and Freedom Stack™ together form the foundation for superior instruments for human performance that facilitate the ideal protocol for achieving the elusive real primary objective of exercise.

We have had over 125 comments on the blog since revealing the new line of RenEx Equipment and for that we are extremely humbled!

Keep in mind this whole innovation process has evolved from us asking the same question you do every day:

How can we do it better?

And this is just the beginning. The first phase of the equipment line is complete but you ain’t seen nothing yet!



RenEx equipment provides resistance that matches your muscles’ strength in all positions of movement by the use of special cams and variable cam-timing. This enables the most efficient loading of your muscles.

RenEx Equipment works the body in accordance with muscle and joint functions. This enables a complete workout with the highest exercise quality in minimum time. There is no reason to spend hours each week in a gym!

RenEx Equipment provides the best exercise stimulus with the ultimate in safety. RenEx protocol on RenEx equipment applies minimal and safe resistance to the body within the protection of constraints and ergonomically-correct positioning. This ensures kindness to your joints. Entry and exit are achieved without loading the muscles until properly positioned on each machine. RenEx equipment accommodates clients of all sizes.

RenEx equipment is extremely low-friction compared to equipment found in typical gyms and other personal exercise studios. It feels totally different, because it is designed and manufactured correctly. This underscores why this equipment cannot be obtained “off-the-shelf” from the usual equipment vendors. It is kept in perfect working condition and continually upgraded to enhance  exercise efficiency.



The new rules for strength exercise:

No weight stack.
No movement.
No compromise.

iMachines® are the ultimate expression of the RenEx philosophy. Revolutionary computerized load sensing feedback systems perfectly integrated with ergonomically handcrafted isometric exercise stations.

Each machine is cleverly designed to facilitate potent muscular loading via Timed Static Contraction™ (TSC) protocol to individually targeted muscle groups.

From intricate rehabilitation to formidable pre-exhaust techniques, workouts can be instantly tailored to the broadest spectrum of clients and applications, all at the touch of a screen.

The RenEx iMachines: This is the Future of Exercise.

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