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RenEx: A Revolutionary Approach to Total Fitness

Get the inside on exercise.

The Renaissance of Exercise: A Vitruvian Adventure
by Ken Hutchins

Volume I
(313 pages)

 Follow Ken and his associates of RenEx to:

  • Discover the Renaissance of Exercise emerging from the Dark Ages of jockism.
  • Learn the history and foundations of the Exercise Renaissance.
  • Know the real cardiovascular benefits of exercise that the Aerobics promoters have desperately tried to silence.
  • Protect yourself from the deceit of the T.V. commercials hawking fat-loss.
  • Know why less is really more when it comes to exercise quality and health.
  • Understand the RenEx Protocol and actualize the superior equipment for that superior protocol.
  • Review the biggest blunders in physical therapy research.
  • See the future in a new exercise protocol and equipment that will take the lead in all objective research on the subject.
  • Entertain the best exercise techniques to employ and those to avoid.
  • Master the Squeeze Technique.
  • Adopt the Repetition Counter and Ditch the Stopwatch!
  • Evaluate and compare the top equipment lines.
  • Stop science heresy in sports medicine!
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!


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