In The Gym


This interview was done last summer for a Canadian cable television program called, “In The Gym”.

The purpose of the interview was to discuss my competitive body-building history, although more specifically to discuss the genisis of my training as it relates to RenEx.

The show was filmed at STG Strength and Power in Canada.  This is a very well equipped gym, one of the most fascinating I’ve ever seen, however not for the purpose of performing SuperSlow/RenEx protocol.

The producers informed us that we had time to film two demonstration exercises.  We were able to find two pieces in the gym that are quite effective for the SuperSlow/RenEx protocol.

We chose the Nautilus Low Friction Series Torso Arm and the MedX Avenger Leg Press.

As compared to the vast array of vintage Nautilus machines, the two exercises we chose were best for our purposes, due to their lower friction and more congruent resistance curves.

These machines turned our to be best case scenario in this environment and I feel we did a good job of representing Ken Hutchins original SuperSlow protocol.

I hope everyone enjoys the piece.

Much more to come soon!


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