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We are having some very stimulating conversations over on the RenEx Inner Circle! Here are some examples of what’s going on just TODAY!

Owen Drolet has replied to a forum topic
Topic Title: TSC with feedback as future of exercise

Daniel wrote,

“Your question “why wouldn’t TSC w/feedback be superior?” is still largely unanswered. I have a few ideas bouncing around, but I think this topic requires its own thread to properly flush everything out.”

Whether on this thread or a new one I think it would make a fascinating discussion.  I’d be curious to hear anyone’s educated thoughts/theories even if all the data isn’t in yet.

I am very excited about TSC’s potential as a teaching tool, which is why I am getting the iPOPD.  I know what just one session did for me and I had already spent years considering the underlying concepts, etc..  I’m fascinated to see what multiple sessions does for the worst performing of my clients, especially given that the dynamic work they do will still be on largely conventional equipment.  I know it will improve their performance, by how much is what I’m looking forward to witnessing.


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Topic Title: TSC with feedback as future of exercise


Beyond the benefit of its efficacy as a teaching tool, the major implication is rehabilitation and working around debilities/limitation/contraindications. Even if the potential of TSC is less than the dynamic counterpart, that fact can be thrown out the window if a person is unable to perform the dynamic option safely, or pain free.

My intrigue with TSC is not the possibility of stand alone potential, but rather, the possibility of adding simple exercises (to a routine dominated by dynamic compound movements), without the added wear/tear. Most simple exercises involve musculature that are involved in the compounds, SO, if there is added benefit to dynamic work, it may still be achieved?  I also wonder if it may be better to address simple exercises where the musculature that crosses multiple joints via TSC…eliminates the need to address the challenges of the full ROM with wicked cams, while trying to maintain a singular body position that is safe through the ROM.

Specifically, I’m thinking of LE, LC, biceps, forearms…curious if TSC may just be a better option period. I suspect that some of the more delicate musculature/joints (like the neck) are best addressed with TSC…and I suspect the musculature of the shoulder may benefit from TSC, given how involved the shoulder girdle already is in just about every upper body movements. If one needs to address the musculature around the shoulder specifically, it would seem TSC would be advantageous when trying to minimize wear/tear.


I was having a conversation today with another exercise instructor. He made mention of the idea out there in internet world that a prevailing thought among “personal trainers(HIT specifically)” is that clients pay us so they don’t have to think otherwise they wouldn’t need our service.

Myself and the other instructor I was talking to both believe this is total BS and this particular thought or view of our subjects is a serious symptom that can, and will, dictate how a instructor will ultimately treat his clients.

The more deeply one THINKS and considers the factors and potential response, the more they come to appreciate the need for the environment, instruction, equipment, feedback…”The Service”.

Long term clients will have to, at some point, view this type of strength exercise as a discipline (like martial arts)…in order to buy in fully to their role.

Instructors cannot, and should not, treat their clients like dummies who just need a coach to push them….this will NOT lead to long term retention or instructor or client satisfaction.

Thoughts from the group?????

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avatar JOSHUA TRENTINE July 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm

32 minutes ago
Unbeknownst to them, subjects will initially find that they’re paying us to make them think. They normally have to do a lot more of that then they bargained for. All this thinking should lead to a higher level of understanding. Couple that understanding with enough rehearsal, and the subject will progress through their novice and intermediate stages.


avatar Scott Springston August 1, 2013 at 9:49 am

So does this REN-EX Inner circle thing mean all discussion other than trying to lure folks to your inner circle is dead on this site? If so I’m afraid it will go the way of Howard Stern going to his Sirus pay channel. It’s like he no longer exists. You guys do have good stuff to offer and I will miss it.


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